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Comuna 13 Medellin: a Social Innovation Experience

Comuna 13 Medellin: a Social Innovation Experience

Remained as one of the most attractive places in Medellin, Colombia, Comuna 13 neighborhood will be an inspiring destination to visit in order to learn more about the social innovation and transformation developed throughout the years in Medellin. On this discovery, the history and graffiti art of Comuna 13 in Medellin clearly shows their transformation on how they have decided to stop the violence received both from the gangs and police force.

In order to get a better understanding of Comuna 13 neighborhood, it is important to learn their historical background. During the Social Innovation tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the Memory House Museum where you will learn the dark period of Colombian history. There are many stories from Comuna 13 in Medellin and the heartbreaking cases of violence and conflict. One of the most significant events of Comuna 13 was in 2002, when the Colombian military executed Operation Orion, as a result, multiple people were killed and many were wounded. They struggled to get medical attention for those people in need, therefore the community decided to take over the streets in solidarity. By doing this, the attacks received both from the gangs and military came to an end. In the last few years, Comuna 13 has been transformed into a place of hope becoming a growing Comuna in Medellin.

Live the Transformation and Innovation of Comuna 13 in Medellin

After this incident, street and graffiti art became a great form of expression for Comuna 13 residents. During the social innovation tour also known as the Comuna 13 graffiti tour, you will have the opportunity to take the Metro via to get to San Javier or Comuna 13, as the neighborhood is tucked away in Medellin’s mountains. Once arrived, you will have the chance to wander in the streets, admire the street art, appreciate the hip hop performances from residents and enjoy the views from the city of Medellin. In Comuna 13, Medellin hip hop music is a sign of resistance. In addition to that, graffiti and street art are bringing Comuna 13 neighborhood closer together. Graffiti nor Comuna 13 tour will not disappoint you but, rather, it will fulfill you with knowledge and positive experiences.

Comuna 13 has undergone a physical transformation in the last couple of years. There have been many innovative projects initiated by the city of Medellin. Comuna 13 neighborhood is located upon such steep hills which used to be accessible only by stairs. New infrastructure, including a metro cable and six outdoor escalators, has improved the way of living for Comuna 13 residents with ease of access to the rest of the city. The metrocable is easily accessed from the San Javier metro station and you will be treated to some spectacular views of Medellin. Another important innovative project for Comuna 13 neighborhood is the viaducto which helped Comuna 13 residents to access the city more efficiently and quickly.

Colombia is considered a country of resilience, and no other neighborhood represents that characteristic fully like Comuna 13. Many people view Comuna 13 in Medellin as a symbol

of innovation and transformation. Rather than focusing on the violent past of Comuna 13, the Social Innovation tour shows visitors the results of hope and transformation. The graffiti art and music are essential for this tour, but it is the people and transformation of Comuna 13 that leave a good impression. The Social Innovation tour or Comuna 13 graffiti tour is definitely worth your consideration. If you would like to join us on our Social Innovation tour, make sure to check out our tour page to get more details of the trip.

Images of the visit to Comuna 13 Medellin Colombia

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