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Our story of resilience and rebuilding Colombia with the help of tourism

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The ‘80s, ‘90s and early 2000s were difficult years of conflict in Colombia especially in Medellin.
We lost friends, family, and neighbors, and despite our difficult daily lives, we knew we could build a better future, so we didn’t give up.
Life forced us to be optimistic.
We started Colombia Travel Operator in 2009, when very few travelers were visiting Colombia. Some people thought we were crazy, but we were patient.
We were optimistic for the future, with a profound love for our country, and we knew we had so much to share with the world.
We knew we wanted to:
– show you our remarkable wildlife and pristine outdoors,
– connect you with the warmest, most genuine people on earth,
– share our vibrant Colombian culture,
– tell our stories of resilience, and take you to visit our partner communities, because the worst of times brought out the best in us. All these experiences in Colombia made us for who we are today.

We know the best tour experiences

are the ones that transform views and perceptions, nourish souls, and help travelers like you feel Colombia.

To do this, you need to feel safe, comfortable, and taken care of. That is why your needs are our top priority. We create a comfortable space so you can hear about and explore the changing Colombia.


When you feel like home in our home, we know we’ve done our job.

Now 10 years later, and over 15,000 guests served, we continue to share the local stories from our guides, our drivers, and our staff, so we can help travelers like you discover Colombia, and understand our past, present, and future.

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How You Can be Part of Colombia’s Change

Conscious travelers like you always ask us how you can give back. It starts with an open mind, an open heart and a desire for a better world. When travelers learn about Colombia joining our tours, a new awareness emerges, and it becomes the catalyst for change. Thanks to your support for our tours, we help more Colombians and the communities to improve their lives.

We are a proud supporter of AMI (Asociación Mujeres de las Independencias) an organization that supports children and families in the low socio-economic neighborhoods in Comuna 13 in Medellin with community programs to develop skills, education, and opportunities to steer them away from a life of crime and conflict.

The Best of Colombia will bring out the best in you. Let us show you how.

Meet Our Team

We are 100% locally owned and operated ready to serve you.

“Why do we get up in the morning to do our job?”
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The Best of Colombia will bring out the best in you. Let us show you how.

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