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About Us


Since 2009 Colombia Travel Operator working hard to promote Medellin as a really tourism destination. Winners from the “Business plan” contest, Antojate de Antioquia and “Salon de Producto”. One of our goals are to show the city as it is. Really city tour experiences with a bilingual staff.

We don’t want to bore you with a long text about our story and things like that.  If you want to know us, please check the reviews at Or if you want a closer contact, write to us. For sure we’ll take the time to answer you.

Make sure you check the different tours’ pictures, you will see is not work, just fun!!!

Thanks for visiting us, and remember, the only risk in Colombia is you want to stay!

Julio Casadiego. Co-founder.

Legal Information

Colombia Travel Operator is a legal comercial company based in Medellin. Our RNT number is 19868

In order to give information about CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND VIOLENCE, we have the following text in spanish:

Colombia Travel Operator Esta comprometida con el Código de Conducta contra la EXPLOTACIÓN Y VIOLENCIA SEXUAL INFANTIL y en cumplimiento de los artículos 16 y 17, de la ley 679 del 2001 advierte sobre las consecuencias legales de la explotación y abuso sexual de menores de edad.

Sustainability Policy

For Colombia Travel Operator is very important that our activities today have a positive impact for the future generations. Because of that, we have committed to structure and implement sustainability programs that let us control the environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts that have our activities. Likewise, we are committed to follow the current legislation through our management system.


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