Solid waste management

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Sustainability Policy

Our Company is commited with sustainable development of our envrionment. Everytime, before starting any of our tours the guide informs the passengers our sustainability policy and gives them recommendations for taking care of the place to visit, and even more important, tells them how to have a positive impact in the community. Instructions on where to throw garbage, recommendations on how to interact with locals and visits to little shops where they can get products made by the community, are some of the most important aspects for us.

For Colombia Travel Operator is very important that our activities today have a positive impact for the future generations. Because of that, we have committed to structure and implement sustainability programs that let us control the environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts that have our activities. Likewise, we are committed to follow the current legislation through our management system.

Sustainability objectives

  • Promote conservation of the environment, culture and traditions of the destination.
  • Support different local projects that have an ecologic and/or socio-cultural scope, by including them in the negotiations of our services.
  • Train our team in sustainable tourism topics.
  • Offer high quality services.
  • Select suppliers that promote good practices of sustainable tourism.
  • Support local communities by hiring services operated by their people.
  • Inform our clients, suppliers and collaborators in the topics of sustainability we are working on.