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Medellin Tours

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Medellin is located about 1600 meters above sea level, it is the capital of the department of Antioquia. This city that best represents the country’s transformation. There is seemingly nothing that remains from the violent and dark days of the past.

Bogota Tours

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Bogota is the principal city where the vast majority of people converge. With approximately 10 million inhabitants, Bogota is a center of business and development for the whole region.

Cartagena Tours

medellin social innovation tour

Simply to speak of Cartagena is to evoke the whole colonial history of the country. Considered the main port of the Indies, it was the most besieged and tormented by pirates, who wanted to claim the city as their own.

Around Colombia

coffeee and mountains travel

Travel to Colombia. If you are looking for unique experiences, this is your destination. Colombia have more nature, culture, fun and people than you never want to go out.
Make a trip plan with us, just let us know what kind of experience you want and your dream comes true!!!