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corona virus colombia

Hello, my name is  Julio Casadiego My wife Maty and I own a boutique operator company, Colombia Travel Operator, , that offers very tailored and personal experiences for our clients. Our office is located in Medellín, Colombia, where we started with nothing but a strong idea and conviction: Your enjoyment become ours.

10 years with local tourism experience

The enjoyment of our clients’ experience is our passion. In 10 years, we have had a company that could tend to 500-600 clients a month (about 25,000 visitors in total). All was going well until…

Covid-19 arrives to Colombia: March 6 confirm the first case

Yes, you probably know what comes next. The COVID-19 arrived to Colombia, and because of these dark times, we’ve had to take shelter in our homes, not go out, and live with uncertainty. But this has already happened to us before.

Colombia, especially Medellín, were victims of the drug war during the ’80s and ’90s, which forced us to stay at home and protect ourselves. We came out on top back then with a lot of patience, positive thinking, and support for each other.

What´s next: how to keep the business

Today, with this new challenge ahead of us, we have to apply the same strategies that have worked for us in the past: Protecting one another! As we know, uncertainty surrounds us and we will have to face unknown challenges. However, as on other occasions, we have opportunities.

The position that Colombia has achieved as an emerging tourist destination is a good reason to keep hope alive. We have prepared ourselves and are working on obtaining support from people who have traveled with us to post comments, reviews, or simply include us in their social networks.

We want to become the brand that people recognize as resilient and that we came through, thanks to everyone’s solidarity. Because of that, this post is dedicated to the hope that we can continue to travel to a country that has hundreds of attractions. But certainly, the most important are the people who live and work in Colombia to create a better country.

Support our business, keep talking about trips

Our request to you, if you are reading this article, is to share this information, invite your friends, or simply tell us on our social networks how you imagine your trip to Colombia. When this challenging time is over, we will be waiting for you with personal, custom-designed experiences for your trip to one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.

We hope to see you soon, but for now, I share with you a few pictures of people who have been with us.


Julio and Maty.

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✅ Support us! Small tour operators needs you - Coronavirus
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