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Let us charm you: this year the Christmas lights in Medellín are from Encanto

Medellin Christmas lights

A family with magical gifts, a colorful town, Colombian traditions, and a house that manifests itself by moving things. That’s Encanto, and this Christmas it’s invading Medellín with its lights above the river, representing each of the characters of this particular Disney movie that has made us laugh, cry, and move, even if we’re not from Colombia.

We don’t talk about Bruno… but we enjoy his Christmas lights!

Medellín is a very traditional city when it comes to Christmas. Music, food, party, games, spiritual traditions, and lots of lights, especially along the Medellín river, where hundreds of families spend their nights walking, sightseeing, and enjoying themselves. Every year, the town hall chooses a theme for the lights to welcome everyone. This year is special: we can find the Encanto movie characters and even a real size representation of Casita, the house where The Madrigal family lived, partied, and found the magical gifts they used to help the people from their town. As we walk by the Medellín river we can take pictures of the lights, enjoy the wonderful Medellín weather and share quality time with our friends and family, being part of a tradition that has been with us for more than sixty years.

Walking by the Medellin river is not the only thing we can do: Avenida La Playa, located downtown, is another long trail we can tour together where we can see the lights, enjoy the food and let the Christmas spirit shine with us, just like the candle of the Abuela Madrigal. The next step could be visiting the nearby towns like Envigado, Sabaneta, or Itagüí, where this Christmas lights tradition is as important as it is in the rest of the towns of Antioquia. It’s not only about seeing Christmas lights; it’s about living this Colombian tradition that had stopped for two years because of the pandemic and it’s beginning again this December ready to receive people from around the world.

Not all families are like The Madrigal, but some of them look alike

The Disney movie begins with a family running away from the armed conflict, leaving everything behind to start over again. That family is the one that, in the head of a caring and resilient grandmother, starts again without a husband, ready to build a new house full of people, traditions, and memories.

This year some of the designers of the lights assembly are single mothers that used their inner light to create something magical for the people who walk by the Medellín river to see the result of their effort.

These designs make 1.8 kilometers of a road full of color, light, and charm that begins on the Guayaquil bridge and allows us to follow the story of Mirabel and her family, their magical gifts, and the miracles they experienced every day.

This is the perfect time to reunite again with friends and family to enjoy the charm of being together. Come with us and get to know the Madrigal family from the eyes of the Medellín people. We’re waiting for you!

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✅ Let us charm you: this year the Christmas lights in Medellín are from Encanto
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