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The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira: The first Marvel of Colombia

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

If someone tells you that you can find an underground cathedral made of salt, you’re going to have to believe it. They’re not lying… it sounds impossible, but it’s true! Close to Bogota, in Zipaquira, you can visit a catholic subterranean church or well known as the Salt Cathedral that doesn’t work only as a tourist destination, but also holds weekly Sunday services.

You don’t need to be affiliated to a catholic church to appreciate its beauty: with marble and salt sculptures, the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral is one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces from the Colombian treasures. Its cultural and environmental value is part of the Salt Park, a complex thematic space that includes mining, geology and natural resources.

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When visiting Bogota, the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral is a must-see stop, not only for being close to the city, but for offering an amazing cultural experience. In fact, Zipaquira means “city of our father” in Chibcha, an extinct language of Colombia, and back in pre-Columbian times, salt was as important as gold.

This architectural masterpiece is located 180 meters below the surface, the Salt Cathedral remains as a sacred place that pays tribute to Our Lady of the Rosary of Guasa, which has the most beautiful lights, history and the peace that you need to continue your trip.

The Zipaquira Salt Cathedral was completely built in 1950 by miners, and it has now different sites for tourists to see. The Viacrucis, that works as the entrance and now has a few altars; The Dome, where people can see a big cross in low relief and other chambers, where people pray, take pictures and live closely the catholic symbolism the church has.

Under the church, the salt flow works as a glacier, giving the place more firmness and stability. With its own energy plant, the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral has everything that you need so pilgrims and tourists can visit this attraction safely and respectfully.

It’s time to see this architectural masterpiece for yourself; visit the first marvel of Colombia… the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira!

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When visiting Bogota, the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral is a must-see stop, not only for being close to the city
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