Give us two weeks to make you fall in love

Vacations? Check. Passport? Check. Bags? Check. Mood? Great and check. Where to go? Colombia!

You already know a lot of things of our awesome country. You’ve seen them in the news, in books and magazines… You’ve even watched them in series! You know for sure you want to come and visit, but we’re also pretty sure you have some doubts and questions about where you should start your trip.

We can answer all those questions! Live your vacations as a local, travel throughout the country and get to know cities like Medellín, Bogotá and Cartagena, knowing coutry-side areas of the country and enjoying the city life.

What do you need?

Your only task is making a to-do list of all the places you want to visit; as we already know, you’ll need a few days if you really want to take advantage of your trip. You can even choose the weather, the kind of experience you want to have and the quantity of fun and tranquility you want to have.

What do we have to offer?

Trust us: we have the complete package! If you schedule a few days from your agenda, we’ll make sure to make them unforgettable. Do you know what a multi-day tour is? For you, is taking a few days to relax and enjoy. For us, is the mission we accomplish to make a perfect week for you.

Enjoy a complete Colombian experience! You can choose a multi-day tour between a 2-Week Colombian Experience or a 1-Week Caño Cristales tour. Book a few days of your schedule with us and let us take you throughout Colombia, its culture, natural beauty and history.

Colombia Travel Operator has different and diverse multi-day tours for you to take. Come to Colombia and explore with us that country that is full of nature, history and beauty. Colombia is awaiting… Give us two weeks, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love for life.