Welcome to Cartagena

This oceanside town is more than just a beach destination

Strategically located between two rivers, the Magdalena and the Sinú, Cartagena was once the main port for Spanish trade beginning in the mid-16th century. These days, it’s a popular tourist destination, especially for history lovers — simply speaking of Cartagena brings to mind the entirety of Colombia’s colonial history. Our day tours in Cartagena, like the Cartagena Walking Tour or the Cartagena City Tour, will bring you to all of the main points of interest within and outside the city and give you the chance to discover the history of Colombia. Or, get out into the Caribbean and enjoy a beach day on our Shared Rosario Islands Tour. Our half-day and full-day tours are completely private (except for 3 shared tours) and have flexible itineraries, so you can see what you came to see! Get more ideas on what to do on the  CartagenaTravel Guide

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