Colombia's capital

Tourists sites in Bogota:

  • Cerro de Monserrate
  • La Candelaria and historic center
  • Plaza de Bolivar, Nariño palace
  • Parque 93 and Zona Rosa
  • The Salt Cathedral
  • The colonial town of Villa de Leyva

This is the principal city where the vast majority of people converge. With approximately 10 million inhabitants, Bogota is a center of business and development for the whole region.

Its main attractions are:

Cerro de Monserrate: Situated at more than 3,000 meters high, this eastern hill has served as the city’s geographic and religious axis. The ascent is made on a cableway with 2 cabins holding 40 people each. At the top is the sanctuary of Monserrate with its monument to the fallen lord.

La Candelaria and historic center: As the capital of New Granada, Bogota has a voluminous story to tell, a uniquely beautiful colonial and republican architecture to show and many places to see. The Church of San Francisco, and the Bank of the Republic building, which is also the site of the Gold Museum, stand out among its many attractions.

Plaza de Bolivar, Nariño palace: This is the center of political power in Colombia.

Parque 93 and Zona Rosa: To the north of the city are all its entertainment areas, bars and restaurants. It is the ideal place to end the night.

The surrounding area is also important in Bogotá. Only 1 hour from the city is the biggest tourist attraction of Colombia, The Salt Cathedral. Located in Zipaquira, the cathedral was built by miners in honor of the Virgin of Guasá. The new cathedral was built in 1995 60 meters below the old Cathedral. A real gem of architecture and a destination that begs to be visited while in the Country.

The colonial town of Villa de Leyva in the Boyaca department is another must-see destination and the road to arrive there is truly excellent. In our tours you will discover all of the many things to do here. Upon arriving at Villa de Leyva, you will be captivated by its main square and colonial buildings. Just walk the cobblestone streets to discover all the architectural beauty of this place. From this site you can go visit other attractions in the area like the Periquera, the wildlife sanctuary, the shrine of Ecce Hommo, Raquira or any of the surrounding towns. You cannot help but enjoy these magical places.