Cradle of Liberty
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Trip Highlights:

  • Full day tour (From 9am to 5 pm)
  • Pickup at hotel and back to hotel in Medellin
  • Trojan Horse Crafts.
  • El Retiro and Republican Square.
  • The Tequendamita, natural waterfall.
  • San Antonio de Pereira and its sweets.
  • Pottery workshop and Clay Street in El Carmen de Viboral.
  • Panoramic views of Medellin.

Medellin is rich in its surroundings. Despite being an industrialized and modern city, it preserves traditions and history in its neighboring towns. The city is nestled into the valley and surrounded by mountains hosting a number of small towns with a very strong cultural heritage, offering visitors the true experience of how paisa culture came to be. This full day tour visits three typical towns of Antioquia and provides a deep cultural learning experience. The first stop will be in El Retiro. Its Republican architecture can still be seen in the central square. It is called “The Cradle of Liberty” because the first liberation of slaves in the world occurred here. Traditional in its woodwork and farming, it is now a developing site for eco-tourism, showcasing a diversity of streams and rivers, nature trails and beautiful scenery. It is also a major producer of avocados for export. If it is desired, the tour will stop to enjoy a coffee in the central park; an aromatic delight blended with the fresh smell of the countryside. En route to this village we will see the various “fondas”. In many cases these are colorful and picturesque shops where people buy food. All of the east is rich in water and prior to our arrival at El Retiro we will pass through the Dam of La Fe, which is part of the network of reservoirs and dams of the EPM (water department). Our tours bear witness to this richness by visiting “El Tequendamita” a natural waterfall twenty meters high, formed by the creek known as The Chuscala, whose waters feed into the Dam of La Fe.

Continuing our tour and observing the stunning scenery, we will take the road to Llanogrande, an exclusive area where the wealthy people of the city have built their residences away from the noise of the urban center. On the weekends it is very common to see families enjoying the restaurants in the area. We will then reach our next stop: San Antonio de Pereira. This is the preferred place for many Antioquians to enjoy sweets, restaurants and nightclubs, especially on weekends when its plaza and surroundings are full of visitors. The annual empanada fair is also held here. We recommend trying the desserts!

We travel onward to El Carmen de Viboral, one of the most charming towns. Here china is made as well as hand-painted ceramics. We will enter one of the top producing workshops to learn first-hand the process and painting techniques as well as witness the formation of plates and all that this beautiful art form has to offer. The vast majority of people working in this workshop are single mothers. In the center of town we visit “la Calle de la Arcilla” or the Clay Street, a tribute to this noble material of which today the town, El Carmen, is the largest producer. We return to Medellin via Las Palmas to appreciate the view of the city from the mountains.


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East Old Paisa towns