It is an ideal route for families
Hacienda Napoles old cars collection R4 old Escobar car The small plane at hacienda entrance Small baby hippo

Trip highlights:

  • Full day tour (from 6:30 am to 7 pm)
  • Pickup at hotel and back to hotel in Medellin
  • Typical Antiochian lunch and breakfast.
  • Vista point of Cocorná.
  • Hacienda Napoles theme park.
  • Animals of the hacienda.
  • Claro reserve and its natural beauty.

The infamous leisure house of one of the darkest characters in the Colombian history is located just a few hours outside of Medellin. It is the site where Pablo Escobar built his own zoo, which he populated with animals brought from all over the world. Some of the animals are still there, however there is no trace of its former owner. The luxurious house was destroyed by looters of Escobar’s fortune. There are few remaining elements that reference the sites former owner and today this space is a family friendly theme park.

If your interest is to learn more about the life of Escobar, we recommend checking out the “Do Not Say That Name” tour, which is a historical tour of the city in the 80s.

To go to the Hacienda Napoles it is important to leave early because the road to get there takes around 3 hours. We will head to the east of the department, where mountains and the green scenery will be a constant companion along the way.

The route is very pleasant and we will have plenty time to appreciate the scenery. The tour stops for breakfast at one of the typical inns. Afterwards, near Cocorná we will have a great view of a beautiful waterfall.

Soon after, we will reach our destination of Hacienda Napoles to tour the site and experience its numerous attractions such as: the lake of hippos, the partially destroyed antique car collection and the animals that form an integral part of this enigmatic property. The tour of Hacienda Napoles itself is done by car and lasts up to 1 hour app. We will enjoy a delicious lunch in the outskirts of the park.

Before returning, we will enter the nature reserve of Rio Claro, a spectacular wildlife sanctuary that is very close to the hacienda. In just a short walk we can see marble beaches and spectacular geological formations on the banks of the crystal clear river; it is a true refuge for birds and other species. We return to Medellin after having lived an authentic experience in nature and part of Colombian history. Special recommendation: Because the climate is warmer on this tour, we suggest bringing extra clothes to change and freshen up a bit.


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Hacienda Napoles and Nature tour