The Heroic city of Colombia

Trip highlights:

  • Getsemani
  • Old shoes monument
  • Clock tower
  • Colonial houses

Cartagena private city tour

Cartagena City Tour ( duration 4 hours)

Recommended itinerary: 9:00 am o 2:00 pm
Departing from hotel in private transport and professional guide.
In this tour around the heroic city we will visit the most representative places:

1.Centro de Convenciones is one of the most important ones in South America, here they take place congresses, music spectacles, theatre, weddings and the most significant events of the country.

2. Getsemaní: the neighbourhood where the independence movement was born; it is also a bohemian and traditional place that receives hundreds of tourists daily.

3. Zapatos Viejos: it is a monument dedicated to one of the greatest cartagenian poets: Luis Carlos Lopez, Known for his famous work “A Mi Ciudad Nativa”.

4. Cerro de la Popa; Is the best place to appreciate the beauty of the city, this has a great historical value, was used as a barracks during independence.

5. Castillo San Felipe; Is considered one of the 7 wonders of Colombia, for the history that preserves, as it is the great fort built by the Spanish empire to protect its riches, the castle suffered and resisted frequent attacks by the English and French army.

6. India Catalina; A monument that pays tribute to the Indians of the Caribbean who lived in the territory before the arrival of the Spaniards.

7. Vaults: They had a military use during the Colony and in the Independence served of jail, nowadays after a restoration they are used like Craft Shops.

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Cartagena private city tour