Throughout its history the dark chapters of a war
Pablo Escobar tour

Trip highlights:

  • Full day Tour (from 9am to 5 pm)
  • Pickup at hotel and back to hotel in Medellin
  • Edificio Mónaco
  • Cemetery Jardines Montesacro
  • Parque Biblioteca San Javier
  • Escalators

The idea behind this tour is to show the social and cultural transformation that Medellín has experienced.  This is not only a Pablo Escobar tour, but about transformation and change in Medellin and how he affect our society.

This half-day tour begins near the place where you happen to be staying. Towards the south of the city we will first visit one of the buildings that witnessed the violence during the war between the drug cartels of Cali and Medellín:  Edificio Mónaco, which was the former residence of the main mafia boss of the Medellín Cartel, Pablo Escobar. It is preserved as a solid proof of the horror of an era. The building cannot be visited right now as it is being renovated to house the Head Quarters of the Metropolitan Police. 

We carry on our tour with a visit to the cemetery with the grave of this sinister character. Here we can find out more about him and his end, and the history of how the city began its transformation.

Then we will head for the west of the city to pay a visit to the Comuna 13, a district famous for being one of the most dangerous places not only of Colombia but probably of the whole continent. It is now a completely transformed neighbourhood. A good part of it was built by the late mafia boss and it is the place that produced some of his most famous killers and hired assassins who spread terror across the whole country.

Nowadays, after having suffered the horrors of the war, the residents of the area are proud of their district and can talk without fear about the difficult time they went through and how different their life is now.

During the whole tour we will concentrate on the history of the country in the 80s and 90s of the last century when the deeds of Pablo Escobar made Colombia one of the most dangerous places in the eyes of the world.


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