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Pablo Escobar cars

Pablo Escobar cars

      • Do not say that name tour: this tour is available everyday from 9 am or 2 pm. What we looking for with this tour is to show how Medellin was, when drugs cartel fights the worst war and all the country was submitted in violence. Now Medellin changes and is a renovated city. From fear to hope, the “Paisa” capital is growing and prepare to be explored.
        The picture is from Napoles farm. This place is 3 hours from Medellin and use to be the Escobar headquarter.

Half day tour and includ a special tip for the local guide. Most of them don´t have work because lives in the Comuna, so this is a oportunity to them. More info clic here >>>

Medellin Botero city tour

            • Medellin city tour. A private sightseeing through the city. Really nice tour to enjoy Medellin in a relax way. You´ll see the Pueblito Paisa, a replic of typical town. Barefoot park which was built like Zem way. And tof course a walking tour arround Botero sculptures. ww have the hashtag #chocaesos5Botero, where passangers give “they five” to Botero´s hand. As all the down towns in the world you most be care of your wallet and personal thinks.

Half day tour and includ bilingual guide. As a private car, you will spend the time like you prefer. More info clic here >>>