A tour of the colony and the traditional villages of Antioquia.
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Trip Highlights:

  • Full day Tour (from 9am to 5 pm)
  • Pickup at hotel and back to hotel in Medellin
  • Church of San Jeronimo.
  • Western Bridge.
  • Pueblitos of Sucre and Olaya.
  • Main Park of Santa Fe de Antioquia, City Hall.
  • Hotel Mariscal Robledo.
  • Museum of Juan del Corral.

A tour of the colonial settlement and the most traditional towns of Antioquia. The colorful fruit and overflowing warmth of the region make this the ideal tour to gain a more thorough understanding of Medellin and its tradition that laid the framework for the independence movements of Antioquia. It is also the perfect excuse to walk the cobblestone streets of the department’s old capital.

This is a private tour of about 8 hours, depending on the interests of the tourists.

The outbound road to the west is framed by new buildings and developments, such as the university citadel integrating El Pascual Bravo, ITM and Colegio Mayor de Antioquia. In mid ascent over Robledo, a small town can be seen with a church and central park that once was one of the best residential areas of the city. We will pass by the Western Metrocable, whose final station is Aurora, where the South American Olympic village was constructed for the 2010 games. From there we continue to the town of San Cristobal, one of the beneficiary sites of the Master artist Botero’s generosity, where he donated a statue of a cat for the library park. We move onward to see the Fernando Gomez Martinez tunnel. With a total length of 4.8 km, it is the largest in the country as well as the continent. By traveling through the mountain we will be saving almost 30 minutes of travel time.

We will again breathe fresh air and look upon a mountain hosting yet another picturesque township called San Sebastian de Palmitas. Our first stop will be at San Jeronimo where we will visit the main church. We continue towards the Mother City (Ciudad Madre). Arriving in Santa Fe de Antioquia we will continue to the Western Bridge, a work of paisa engineering built by Jose Maria Villa in the early twentieth century. We will have the opportunity to appreciate this work and even traverse it, demonstrating that it continues to operate to this day. Here we will visit two small nearby villages: Sucre and Olaya. On our way back we will enter Santa Fe de Antioquia: Its main park and the Metropolitan Cathedral, the fountain de la Garza as well as monuments to Bolivar and Juan Del Corral. We will have a chance to enter the town hall and walk the cobblestone streets. Lunch is included in a traditional venue.

We will enter the Mariscal Robledo, a romantic hotel with a unique history, and visit the museum of Juan del Corral. If the weather and the group’s spirits allow it, we may then visit the Plaza de Santa Barbara and its church.

We return to Medellin having experienced the old town and visited this beautiful municipality that seems frozen in time.



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West old Colonial town