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Social Innovation: A Remarkable Tour

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Transformation and innovation are the main focal points of this tour. During our time together in Medellín, we’ll walk around Comuna 13, a neighborhood once known for its gangs and violence that has since been reborn from the ashes. The community of this comuna have finally decided to put a stop to the violence.

View from electric stairs
View from electric stairs

For many years, this particular neighborhood was fielding attacks from both gangs and policemen alike. A military operation wreaked havoc on the area; people outside their homes after curfew were killed. After 3 days of war, the community rose to the occasion and demanded that it come to an end.

Since this dark time, many individuals in the community have put their greatest effort into changing the community from its roots. Hiphop singers, breakdance dancers, and graffiti artists have played a huge role in this paradigm shift. On this tour, you’ll wander through the streets, admiring the street art and listening to stories from a local that may now express themselves without censoring anything.

The city of Medellín has worked with the community of Comuna 13 to develop a quite innovative program. This comuna sits high on a hill and was once a challenge to climb via stairs. To solve this problem, the community collectively thought: electric stairs. Medellín is the only place in the world with this kind of stairs in any neighborhood, which is why it won City of the Year in 2013.

This picture is from tallest vantage point near the end of stairs. While this may seem like a heroic effort, then real heroes in this place rae: @casakolacho, a group with hip hop singers, graffitti artists, and young people that work to change the perception of Comuna 13. @jeihhco is one of the originators of the group. If you’d like to read more about this tour, please refer to our tour page. We guarantee that you’ll love it!

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