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We’re happy to announce that now, you can book all of our tours and pay with Paypal! This is the easiest way to confirm your trip in just 3 steps: choose your tour, book online, pay with Paypal.

Check out these wonderful tours to pique your interest:

Pablo Escobar cars
Pablo Escobar cars

Do Not Say That Name Tour. On this tour, available everyday at 9AM and 2PM, we strive to show how Medellín was in the day of the cartels’ rule. As Colombians, we considering this era to be the worst war in our history, as the entire country was subject to violence. Since then, Medellín has been completely renovated, both literally and figuratively, and is a city that you wouldn’t recognize if you knew it back in the day. Making leaps and bounds from fear to hope, the paisa capital is growing, and fast — get ready to plunge in and explore it. The photo is from Napoles Farm, about 3 hours from Medellín and once Escobar’s headquarters. This half-day tour includes a special gratuity for your local guide — many of them do not have many opportunities to work since they live in the once-dangerous Comuna 13, so this is a fantastic way for them to earn a bit of cash while teaching others about their experiences. For more information, please visit the tour page.



Medellin Botero city tour

Medellin City Tour. A private sightseeing tour throughout the city is the perfect way to enjoy Medellín at a relaxed pace. You’ll enjoy the sights of the Pueblito Paisa, a replica of a traditional, rural, Colombian town; Barefoot Park, built in zen fashion; and of course, incredible sculptures created by Botero himself. We like to use the hashtag #chocaesos5Botero on our favorite photos of guests giving a high five to Botero’s hand sculpture. We do kindly remind guests to watch closely over their personal items, including wallets, cell phones, and other objects of value. This half-day tour includes a bilingual guide and a private car so that you can spend your time as you like it. For more information, please visit the tour page.




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