Test and learn why Colombian coffee is the best

Trip highlights:

  • 2 nights accommodation in Medellin visiting the main attractions of the city.
  • Medellin Coffee Laboratory (visit to traditional site).
  • 1 night accommodation in Jericho.
  • Visit to rural coffee town and entrance to aerial cable.
  • Tour of traditional Coffee Plantation.
  • nights accommodation at Cultural Coffee Landscape.
  • Visit to Salento and Valle del Cocora.
  • Visit to coffee farm and tasting.

Among coffee lovers, Colombian coffee has enjoyed renowned popularity due to its enchanting aroma and mild taste. The journey between the departments of Antioquia, Quindio and Risaralda is the perfect experience for the coffee aficionado to further his or her appreciation for the work and effort behind the production of the brew they love. The tour begins in the city of Medellin and from there through a beautiful landscape of coffee cultivations, where visitors can observe the transition from city to countryside and see how life is lived in these serene destinations.

The tour provides 6 nights of intensive learning and living of the coffee culture. Beginning in Medellin gives the added appeal of experiencing the city that drove the country’s dramatic change. A vibrant city that today focuses on innovation and social wellbeing. The same city that gave birth to the National Federation of Coffee Growers. The city preserves multiple emblematic sites to enjoy a great coffee with various special preparations. We will have the opportunity to tour one of the most innovative coffee brands in the department. While in Medellin, we will also visit its historic centers including Plaza de Botero and its famous sculptures.

We then head to the southwest of the department to visit a traditional coffee town, Jericho. During our trip we will see more coffee plantations and stunning scenery of the Colombian mountains. Once in this village we will tour a traditional coffee plantation. An authentic experience and immersion into the culture. The town itself is also a fine destination, the aerial cable brings us closer to the beautiful blue sky that cradles the rural landscape as we breathe a bit deeper in the fresh mountain air.

Finally we arrive to the site declared by UNESCO as the cultural coffee region. Here we will experience more picturesque pueblos such as Salento and Valle del Cocora. Here we can also find Colombia’s national tree, the wax palm.

It is a complete experience for those who wish to explore deeper into the culture and how the country, after many years of cultivation, became one of the leading producers of this beloved crop. Today, Colombia continues to be recognized as one of the countries with the best coffee for its smoothness and traditional methods of selecting the product.

This tour can be complemented with other destinations in the country that can provide greater depth in the Colombian culture.



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