Riiver of Five Colors
Tours to guatape Caño Cristales


  • Flight Medelllin la Macarena Medellin
  • 3 nights in Medellin. Hotel Aqua express or similar with breakfast
  • Transport by car and boat in La Macarena
  • Meals in La Macarena
  • Hotel in La Macarena
  • Medical assistence Card
  • Experienced guide
  • Transport by car in Medellin
  • Private city tour in Medellin
  • Lunch in Guatape and Boat

Not Included:

  • Expenses Not specified
  • Hydration
  • Municipal income tax tips

Travel recommendations:

  • Comfortable and light clothing for activities. better easy dry clothes
  • No sunscreen, insect repellent or any kind of chemicals are allowed in the park.
  • No smoking in the park.
  • Do not drink alcohol inside the park.
  • Wear long sleeve shirt to cover the sun.
  • Long pants that are not jean`s preferably sweatshirts that are very comfortable fabric and easy to dry.
  • Cap, that protect enough of the sun preferably with protection in the neck.
  • Closed shoes, which cover the ankle, with a good grip and can get wet better easy dry clothes
  • Extra shoes
  • Raincoat or tent to protect against rain.
  • Small backpack preferably two freighters that do not disturb at the time of the walks, here will be loaded lunch and hydration.
  • Swimsuit.
  • 2 bottles of water per person (plastic bottles are not allowed) it is recommended to bring your Camelbak or personal thermos to recharge
  • Caño Cristales water should not be consumed.
  • Vegetarians or special food requirements please inform in writing at the time of booking.

DAY 1. MEDELLIN.  (No Meals)

Arrival assistance and transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day free.. Check in.


Breakfast. At 11:20 am transfer to the airport Enrique Olaya Herrera to take flight to la Macarena. Chek in

According to arrival time, any of the following eco-destinations will be visited:

1 option: A 40-minute boat ride on the Guayabero river enjoying the scenery (BIRDS, BABILLAS, TURTLES AND OTHER ANIMALS OF THE REGION).

2 option: A 25-minute car ride through the immense plains of the Macarena, here you can enjoy a beautiful view where you can observe the typical “llanero” landscape (morichales, green dunes, and in the distance the imposing Serrania de la Macarena), if Has an excellent weather enjoy a charming sunset “llanero”.

Dinner is included


Breakfast. Introductory talk by environmental entities (PNN and CORMACARENA) these are done every half hour.(mandatory) the environmental entities  point the route to take.A 20-minute boat ride along the Guayabero River enjoying the scenery. Then 30-minute tour on 4 X 4 to the Caño Cajuche (Where adventure stars)

Ecological hike to Caño Cristales

We will visit the Caño Cristales Pianos Trail where you can enjoy the following attractions:

  • Caño escondido
  • Cascada de la virgen
  • Pianos
  • Piedra diosa de la Macarena
  • Cascada de los cuarzos
  • Paso mojado
  • Tapetes
  • Cascada de los cuarzos
  • Paso mojado
  • Tapetes

Lunch on the walk (Typical presentation in wrapped form)

Return to the La Macarena, in the same way that entered Caño Cristales.




Breakfast. The same ride like the firts day to get CAño Cajuche. Trail to Sendero del Aguila to  the following attractions:


  • Cascada piedra negra
  • Cascada águilas
  • Cascada escaleras
  • Pozo cuadrado
  • Tablas de la ley
  • Paso de la danta
  • Tapetes
  • Piscina del turista

Lunch on the walk (Typical presentation in wrapped form)

Return to the La Macarena, in the same way that entered Caño Cristales.




Breakfast. The same ride like the firts day to get Caño Cajuche. Trail to Sendero Pailones to  the following attractions


  • El monte de las Marimbas
  • Los estrechos
  • Piscina El Pailón


Return to the La Macarena, in the same way that entered Caño Cristales.

Night of integration where you will find:

Folk Show

Gastronomy of the Region.

Music and dance performed by people from the region




Breakfast. Arrival assistance and transfer to the hotel. At 2pm we will have a tour to know more about Medellin. Visit the main places: Botero Square, Barefoot park, Pueblito paisa. Is a 4 hours tour. Check in.


Breakfast. Taking the east to Peñol city Guatape Located just 2 hours from Medellin, this is one of the main attractions that the city and the department in general have to offer. This site is of vital importance for energy production in the country, and because of this the abundance of water that can be seen here is truly special. El Peñol is a one of a kind destination to enjoy an irresistible climate, breathtaking landscapes and a local population that is equally colorful and unique. we arrive at the famous El Peñol boulder, a spectacular monolith measuring 220 meters high with a built-in 740 steps to reach the top. The view from its summit is as magical as it is grandiose. Photos here are an absolute must. Finally we will head into Guatape, the town of the “zócalos”, which are hand crafted and colorfully painted wooden reliefs featured along the bases of every home in the town; they characterize this place as one of the most picturesque in the world. Here we will visit the central park, The Plaza of the Zócalos and “memory lane”. Finally we visit the boardwalk.

Lunch is included in one of the typical restaurants of the village. . Rest of the day free. Accommodation.


Breakfast. At the coordinated time, transfer to the airport to take flight to the city of Origin.


The activities are subject to changes, by the environmental entities (National Parks and Cormacarena) according to capacity.

The permit to enter the park, with the activities to be performed are delivered on the day of arrival to receive the talk or induction by the environmental entities.

Hotel check in at 3:00 pm

This is a nature and ecological destination, we do not offer luxury hotels, they are comfortable with private bath, TV and fans, do not have hot water.

 flight schedules may change according to aeronautical permits, air congestion and weather conditions.

Environmental entities assign the trails according to the profile of the visitor, because there are short, medium and long trails with a degree of difficulty (low, medium and high) the last two require more physical effort (5 hour walks).


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