Queen of the Caribbean coast,

Tourists sites in Cartagena:

  • Rosario Islands
  • Manglares
  • Old city
  • Walking through the San Felipe Castle

Cartagena Tours – The colonial and cultural city of Colombia . Simply to speak of Cartagena is to evoke the whole colonial history of the country. Considered the main port of the Indies, it was the most besieged and tormented by pirates, who wanted to claim the city as their own. Hence King Philip IV decided to build an impenetrable fortress around the port. The British crown also looked to stake claim on the Spanish colonies; just as they had done with the island of Jamaica they had now come for Cartagena. However, they underestimated the might and courage of Admiral Blaz de Lezo, who with only 600 men, few guns and much bravery defended the city against General Vermont; despite all the weapons and force of the English Empire, Vermont was unable to tear down the castle and finally lost the war. This resulted in the strengthening of Spain as a superpower in Europe and Felipe IV as the king of the world. Thus the history of Cartagena is also the history of Europe and the geopolitical leadership of the day.

The colonial history isn’t the only aspect of Cartagena. As a slave port to the Americas, its culture is founded in strong African influence, which is still seen even today. For these factors, this Colombian city has become a main tourist and cultural attraction. There are many stories to be told in this site. Its streets, churches and bastions are still intact as if time had stood still here. Cartagena is a must while visiting Colombia.

Its surroundings are also worth visiting and within a few hours are the cities of Barranquilla and Santa Marta. And within few minutes by boat you can access:
Rosario Islands: A beautiful archipelago of small islands that can be visited by day to enjoy a beach of world class beauty.
Manglares: This miracle of nature offers an immense biodiversity and a rich experience with nature.