An impressive cathedral

Trip highlights:

  • Entrance to the Cathedral of Salt
  • Unique Cathedral: 180 meters underground tour

Bogotá City Tour (ENG)

 Zipaquirá Tour Bogotá (Duration 8 Hours)

Recommended time is 8:00 am

Get to know one of the wonders of the country, located at the time of Bogotá you will find the Municipality of Zipaquirá, a work of incomparable architecture and engineering, an old mine transformed into an impressive cathedral, 180 meters underground where you will visit different stations of the Viacrucis Carved in salt stones, you will also find a show of lights and sounds in 3D.

Zipaquira Tour. Zipaquirá scene of a series of significant events that marked in an indelible way the course of the history of the country. Especially in relation to salt production, inspiration in the infrastructural development of the national territory, main center of commercial and economic progress of the country.



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Bogotá City Tour (ENG)