Food Experience

Trip higlights:

  • Food Experience
  • Fun evening in the most popular restaurant and bar in Bogotá

Bogotá City Tour (ENG)

Andrés DC (Duration 6 Hours)

Andrés DC is one of the best restaurants in Bogota, located in the pink zone of the city, inspired by the Divine Comedy of Dante, so it has four thematic floors: hell, earth, purgatory and sky.

In this splendid place we can enjoy a delicious dinner accompanied by typical Colombian music in an astonishing atmosphere.


1-The guide picks up at the hotel and makes the transfer to the restaurant, accompanies the passengers to the assigned table, ensures that everything is in order and ends their service.

2- The transport waits for passengers the remaining time of the tour, if the client wants to return before, he can do it, but if he wants to stay longer he must return to the hotel on his own or proceed to charge additional hours.


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Bogotá City Tour (ENG)